A-ha reunites for Rock in Rio

Take On Me, The Sun Doesn’t Always Shine On TV…who doesn’t want to hear those songs live from the full-original lineup of a-ha again??

Turns out, if you’re willing to take a flight to Rio, you can catch them as a-ha reunites specifically for Rock In Rio, billed as the worlds largest music festival. As Consequence of Sound announced today, a-ha will reunite on stage for the festival, taking place in September 2015. The band’s official website also prepared a statement here. Some people might excite from the idea of the worlds largest festival – bonding and partying with strangers for days (seven days spread over the course of two weekends) on end, others may cringe at the thought of thousands upon thousands of people battling it out for those precious front rows.

Despite the crowds, seeing a-ha live and complete once more may tip the scales for many. In this day and age, as fans seem to wake up each day with the sad news of idols passing, bands retiring or splitting for good – having the opportunity to see a favorite again isn’t something many should ignore.

It would seem that our generation – the New Wave generation as I like to call it, lived for music. Maybe even lives for music. I know that my parents – my mother is in her 70’s – never seemed to have the same voracity for Elvis or The Beatles that I do for Duran Duran, Tears For Fears, INXS, Thompson Twins or countless others. Where I have this “drop everything – the band is touring!” mentality, my mom never once even tried to see Elvis live. It’s been pointed out to me that money was always an issue and that priorities were “just different back then”, and I can understand that – but even so, I just don’t see the same level of interest. Friends who genuinely loved New Wave STILL love New Wave. They still tour. They still check out their bands on Twitter or Facebook. I’m in that crowd, and I’m happy there.

So while I can’t make the trip to Rio this year, and I really wish I could – I sure hope some of their die hard fans go and live it up with a-ha to the extreme. In the meantime, if any of my bands want to reunite or just flat out play, I hear Rock in Rio is bringing it’s festival to Las Vegas for the first time in May. The line-up for that festival definitely needs some excitement that only New Wave can bring!


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