Any Martin Gore fans out there??

If you are, you are in luck, my friends. Martin Gore announced that he is coming out with a solo electronic instrumental album, dubbed MG, due out April 28th.

Written and produced by Martin Gore, Mute Records calls the collection, “the soundtrack to an emotional and mysterious film of your own design.” It was recorded at Gore’s home studio in Santa Barbara, California.

While reading the description from Mute Records, I can’t help but think of TV Mania, “Bored with Prozac and the Internet?” the art/music project by Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo when they talk about a film soundtrack. The premise of TV Mania  coming from sound samples of TV shows from the 1990’s and the album weaves a story surrounding a reality TV show family.

When I listen to Martin Gore’s atmospheric track, Europa Hymn, it is clear that this is very different. This is pure electronica. Ethereal, simple and beautiful. I suppose one might hear Depeche Mode in there somewhere, but Europa Hymn stands up beautifully on its own. Looking forward to April to hear the rest!

You can hear Europe Hymn and see the track listing below.


Track listing:

1. Pinking

2. Swanning

3. Exalt

4. Elk

5. Brink

6. Europa Hymn

7. Creeper

8. Spiral

9. Stealth

10. Hum

11. Islet

12. Crowly

13. Trysting

14. Southerly

15. Featherlight

16. Blade


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