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A Twitter-friend challenged me to join in on posting some “Best of 1983″ tweets today. I found myself with some extra time, and quickly did a search for – you guessed it – best New Wave of 1983. Entire lists popped up, and I found myself going down the lists, nodding my head to most of the entries.  I chose a few, retweeted them, and started thinking of my favorites (Duran Duran aside).

So for today’s blog, I decided to post my own Best of 1983 here…in no particular order. You are welcome and wholeheartedly encouraged to post your own in the comments!

New Years Day – U2

I am not a U2 fan, in fact I can tell you that I love about two of their songs (Sunday, Bloody Sunday being the other) with any kind of honesty, and the rest I could probably leave without a thought. To me, Bono – with all due respect – is a little too self-righteous to take seriously, and the band is overdone to the max. So when I say that New Years Day is on my Best of 1983 list, take it to the bank.

Synchronicity 2 – The Police

I’m going to be brutally honest here: I couldn’t even remember if there WAS an official video to this song, because I don’t even remember seeing it back then. I L.O.V.E. puffy heart love this song though…so I’m including this video if only so I can listen to the song whilst I work.


Overkill – Men at Work

I am a sucker for saxophone….something about my own history of being a woodwind musician puts me over the edge for this one. Maybe not the coolest or obscure band around, but I still bob my head and shout out the lyrics to this one.  (oddly, this song is really from 1982…but we’re gonna pretend that it’s from 1983 today)

In a big country – Big country

I don’t know why I couldn’t find the original video that goes with this song, but for some reason, the YouTube Gods were not kind to me today, so we’re going to enjoy this Top of the Pops video from 1983 instead.  Yay.  Anyone ever notice that if you scrunch your face while looking at the lead singer he kind of looks like Morten Haarket from A-ha??  Probably not. Its just me. Get used to it.

Saved by Zero – The fixx

I will post this even though YouTube made me sit through a horrendously long advert before playing the video for me. This is one band I have had numerous opportunities to see live here in So Cal, and I’ve yet to make it to a show, embarrassingly enough. This, along with most of their catalog, is a song where I’ll hear it and think “Oh my God…I LOVE that song. Why don’t I own everything they have?!?”  The video is freakishly weird.  I miss that about the 80’s.

Politics of Dancing – Re-Flex

The best things about this song are the video and the name of the band, which confounded me for the LONGEST time. Were they copying Duran Duran, damn them?? Of course not. Right?? Even so…there are some amazing mullets present in this video. Had to include it here…

Age of consent – New Order

I’m a New Order fan, and while everyone and their sister  knows Blue Monday – I loved Age of Consent among many others. I especially dig this video because it’s live and about as raw as you’re gonna get.


Moments in Love – Art of noise

Ambient music isn’t a NEW thing, and the 80s had it on overdrive. This song is just one example. The texture and layering still sounds super-lush and not the least bit dated even today.

Promised you a miracle – Simple minds

I can’t really think about New Wave without this song coming to mind. The video has that minimalist yet completely outrageous, over-the-top New Wave thing going for it, which is really what made those videos so great.


So, these are on my Best of 1983 list. Truth be told, I could have posted videos for nearly every New Wave song mentioned from that year, but I thought I’d leave some for the rest of you to chime in.



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  1. We could have been BFF’s – our taste in ’83 music was identical. Saved By Zero, Big Country, New Years Day, Synchonicity – love, love, love – Chickrat

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