Dear husband, we’ve got Spandau Ballet tickets!

An open letter to my husband…because once again, concert season is here, and I am a woman out of control.

Dear Husband,

Forgive me, for I completely forgot the discussion we had in August of 2012. It was three (well, two-and-a-half) long years ago. I momentarily took leave of agreements made, promises to remember that we have a child to put through college. I was remiss. My fingers moved with a will all of their own. And now, I (well, we) have Spandau Ballet tickets. Again.

As you may have guessed by now, after being married for twenty years – concerts are a part of my life. Yes, it was a well-hidden secret during the first several years of our marriage as we moved across the country, had our first child and moved back again. I love music. I enjoy music so much that I not only write one blog, but two. I am a New Wave fan, a Duranie. Fandom is a vital part to my being.

I honestly thought I was fine after seeing Spandau Ballet at The Wiltern in January. The show was fantastic, and I came home and dutifully wrote a review. (You all can see that  review here.) I felt invigorated, but not at all crazed. I felt as though I had ticked an item off of my bucket list. Done.

I honestly don’t know what happened to me yesterday, but something stirred deep within. Something I hadn’t felt since that one time I bought tickets to see Duran Duran in the UK…even though I live in Southern California. (Not exactly commuting distance) Or maybe not since I bought tickets to see Duran Duran in Durham, North Carolina even though again, I live on the west coast and had already honorably agreed that yes, I had seen the band more than enough for that tour. But then that show was announced and the next thing I knew, I was booking plane tickets. And then three other shows happened. I just don’t know… I digress. I clicked away on my phone yesterday, lamenting as it so happens, over Duran Duran coming to California on April 1st (April Fools Day, mind you) to perform ONE SONG at the Lynch Foundation Charity show. Overjoyed to see the band? Yes. Thrilled over one song? Are you kidding?? The next thing I knew, Richard Blade announced that Spandau was coming back to Southern California. Playing practically in our backyard – at the fair!  We LOVE the fair. We love seeing concerts at the fair!  Next thing I knew, I was searching for the presale code for Spandau Ballet tickets.

Of course, I thought to myself as I searched for the code, just because I FIND the code doesn’t mean I have to use it. I could just see what tickets come up. I’m sure I won’t actually BUY them…I’m just curious. Besides, the sale is tomorrow. I can talk to the husband tonight. Right? Yes to all but the final bit.

So that brings me to this morning at 9:59 am when I remembered that Spandau Ballet tickets were going on sale. My fingers flew effortlessly over the keys before I really knew what was happening., yes. Spandau Ballet at the Pacific Amphitheater, yes that’s the one. Click on “offer code”, type it in… bring up tickets. Click “buy now”… and we’re done. Done before I even realized. Happy dance commences before I can even remind myself that I am sore from working out yesterday.

YES. Victory!! I…correction…WE, are going to see Spandau Ballet again. In Orange County, less than 20 minutes from our house! Having gone through the first 44 years of my life without ever seeing the band live, I am now making sure I never miss the chance to see them again. It’s my duty to attend! I need to make sure I reviewed them correctly the first time. I am nothing if not selfless. I have to go for the blog. I must.

Never mind that I threw back about 15 sets of tickets before I finally settled. I’m going to ignore the fact that several times, I couldn’t even complete the purchase because I hadn’t clicked the right “presale” box, meaning that I was going back and starting the process over, and over again. I’m definitely going to ignore the price of the tickets – especially after Ticketmaster adds up their taxes and fees, then a convenience fee, and the next thing you know, reasonably priced concert tickets look like they’re about double the price expected. No, it all happened before I knew it, I tell myself as I realize that my husband is about to get notified from our bank that I used my debit card. I had no choice. I realize I there is only one thing left to do.

I blame it on the band.

Not Spandau Ballet, mind you. Absolutely not. No. I blame it on Duran Duran. Had they been touring, had they announced real shows here in the US…. well, I might not have been paying quite as much attention to anyone else. Overnight I have gone from having no full shows to see in the near future to having four…three of which I’m not even going to mention here, none of which are that band from Birmingham. (for those of you who are about to remind me that Lynch gig I mentioned earlier…it doesn’t count. Why? It’s a one-song loophole!!)

There is good news, of course. I’m obviously improving..because we aren’t talking about my having four sets of concert tickets to see Duran Duran! In fact, we’re not even discussing the fact that I traveled overseas to see Duran Duran for four shows that never even happened. No, I have concert tickets for four upcoming shows that are NOT Duran Duran, and you…dear husband…are my date.

I would love to promise that this will never happen again…but let’s be honest. Duran Duran has been announcing festival dates elsewhere in the world. Eventually, there will be dates here in the US. All I can say is that when the time inevitably comes that you receive the alert that I’ve spent a phenomenal amount of money in a single day on Ticketmaster, I just ask that you remember that you love me. Twenty years is a long time, and I would not be who I am without that band. I’d apologize, but really…I’d be lying. Let’s just be honest.

However, you still will not be my date for Duran Duran. That’s girls only. Sorry, but there are boundaries!

With love,



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