Favorite Bands and More

This blog is new.  This is our blogging baby.  Our other blog is almost old enough to go to school.  We have established routines over there.  We know what to write about there.  We know where to go for information.  We know how to start conversation.  Things are a little different here.  So far, we might run across something about a band we like that we want to respond to or we talk about ourselves or our likes.  Yet, I can’t help but to feel like we are missing so much that is out there.  I turn to all of you then.  Which bands should we be following on Twitter or liking on Facebook?  Which bands do you follow?  Honestly, I would love to know who you all love.  Which bands get you excited?  What are your favorite bands, for example?

About a year ago, I asked this question about which bands people love on Twitter and Facebook and here are some of the responses I got:

Depeche Mode
The Cure
The Police
Def Leppard
New Order
The Smiths
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Human League
Culture Club
Tears for Fears
Howard Jones
Heaven 17
Spandau Ballet
Roxy Music
Men at Work
Adam Ant
Pet Shop Boys
Thompson Twins
The Cars
The Go-Go’s

Which bands are we missing from that list?  Then, I wonder where the places are to get information.  More importantly than that, where do you go to talk about your favorite bands?  Do you find yourself visiting your favorite bands’ official websites?  Are there Facebook groups that provide the best information or the best places to discuss the biggest news or biggest debates within those fan bases?  Maybe there are popular message boards for these bands?

Lastly, what would you like to see us focus on here?  The two things, for those of you who know us, we can guarantee is our opinion and our focus on fans/fandom.  If we run across some piece of news involving music that strikes us one way or another, we will let you all know what we think.  We will also use what we observe and write about to understand fandom more.  That said, would you like us to cover news (like album releases and tour dates) involving these bands and more?  Would you like us to comment about the fandom surrounding these bands?  Would you like us to review latest works or even older work from these bands and more?  Do you want to see all of the above?  Seriously, please, let us know.


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