OMD, Influences and Playlists

The other day the band, OMD, tweeted a spotify playlist, which you can see below and listen to here.  What was unique about this particular playlist is that these are songs they were listening to in the studio when they were recording and promoting their album, Junk Culture in 1984.  Many thoughts enter my mind as I look at this list.  I first just think about the songs themselves.  How many fabulous songs and artists are included?  I adore the song, The Killing Moon, for example.  ADORE IT.  This song was routinely played in my bedroom when I was in high school.  Then, if that wasn’t enough, they included great bands like Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, Kraftwerk, etc.  There are songs on this playlist that I’m not super familiar with even if I know the artists.  For example, I know the band, Cocteau Twins, but that song title doesn’t ring a bell.  This playlist definitely makes me want to check out the songs I don’t know or don’t know as well.
OMD’s Playlist:
The Killing Moon-Echo and the Bummymen

Master and Servant-Depeche Mode
Lorelei-Cocteau Twins
Waterfront-Simple Minds
Moments in Love-Art of Noise
It’s My Life-Talk Talk
Stay-The Blue Nile
Pull Up to the Bumper-Grace Jones
Avalon-Roxy Music
Beyond that, I find it fascinating to find out what OMD was listening to while recording and promoting an album.  Why?  It definitely gives some insight about what influences they had at that time.  Which songs/musical types/bands were most likely to directly play a role in the creation of their own music?  Do you hear Grace Jones or Roxy Music in Junk Culture, for example?  Are there some songs on this playlist surprising to you?  Are there some songs that you just don’t hear in the album?
This makes me wish that I had a playlist for lots of other albums.  I would love to know what lots of other bands were listening to when they recorded their albums.  Which albums would you really like to know the influences for?  I would love to know what Depeche Mode’s playlist of what they were listening to when they recorded Black Celebration would be.  I would like to know what Culture Club was listening to during “Colour by Numbers” or even what the Sex Pistols were listening to during the recording of “Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols”.  Then, I wonder what new, up-and-coming bands are listening to right now as they record an album.  If you are a member of a band and working on something, please share with us what you are listening to!
On a different but related note, this reminds me of how I used to make playlists in college for each quarter (my college had 4 quarters instead of 2 semesters).  It was a way to capture not only what was going on in my life but what music was featured, the soundtrack to my life of sorts.  I should really do that again!  I will start for the spring (One per season seems good).  What would you include in your personal playlist?  Let us know!

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