Serve meat, no gig – Morrissey cancels show

Anyone who has been around knows that Morrissey doesn’t necessarily need a good reason to cancel a show…and his cancellation of a show in Iceland due to the venue having meat on the menu should be no surprise, after all, this is the man who wrote “Meat is Murder”.

Clearly, Morrissey feels strongly enough about his ideals to stand up for them, even going to the length of canceling shows, but how do his fans feel? Admittedly, I am not a Morrissey fan, and I have to also admit that I rolled my eyes when I read of yet another show of his being cancelled. Perhaps had he not canceled so many prior, this one would make more of an impact? On the other hand I have to wonder how fans really feel. From reading some of the comments posted on some of the news articles, including the one here on Stereogum, it appears that most are fed up with canceled shows, regardless of reason.

To be fair, Morrissey has had more than his fair share of illness to speak of, as he battles cancer and as result canceled many shows during his current tour. Even shows that were rescheduled for December in Europe were then canceled due to “logistical problems”, not to mention the dozens of shows over the years that have been scheduled only to then later be canceled for one reason or another.

From my point of view, I suppose I have to wonder just where the line really lies. Is it more important to play for your fans, or prove a point that you’re a vegetarian or vegan? In fact, Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran lives a “mostly vegetarian” lifestyle, yet I have never heard of the band not playing a show somewhere that meat was served, for example. Should food be a choice of the consumer rather than the individual playing in an adjacent venue? Does Morrissey have fans that eat meat? Chances are, if there are – they shouldn’t say so, he might insist they give their albums back!



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