Spandau Ballet, Boy George, Pallbearers for Steve Strange Funeral

It is inconceivable that idols eventually pass on. Like it or not, we believe they will live forever. It isn’t as though we put on a U2 album and say to ourselves, “Well, I should appreciate Bono now because you never know…” Of course not. We don’t allow ourselves to think of the what if, and especially not the when. Whenever we’ve even remotely brushed the subject on Daily Duranie, fans are ready to come for us with torches in hand. Nobody wants to consider that possibility. Fair enough.

Members of Spandau Ballet and Boy George were pallbearers today for the funeral of Steve Strange. An idol. I loved Visage. Despite the fact that Steve Strange was polar opposite from me when it came to matters of hair, make-up and clothing, I fully embraced the beautifully outrageous. I loved that he openly did things I would never do. I watched in awe and wished I had just an ounce of that freedom. (I was probably ten at the time with conservatively-strict parents. I wasn’t even allowed to wear miniskirts to school, much less make-up or crazy, self-expressive hair.) I love the bands that aspired to BE Visage. Seeing Spandau and Boy George carrying that gorgeous man’s casket and seeing the truest sense of emotion and hurt on their faces as they put arms over one another to help shoulder the burden, both figuratively and physically, I couldn’t help but feel a similar sense of loss.

I don’t suppose that many of us ever met Steve Strange. I certainly had not. We knew him through his art. His talent. His music. Yet many of us feel that loss. Through his music and even through his Blitz Club, the road was paved for those who came later. Spandau wouldn’t have been Spandau without him. The same can be said for Culture Club and certainly Duran Duran. Three bands that even today, embody the music we love. As I looked at the photos from the funeral and read words from the eulogy given by Steve Norman, it occurred to me exactly why we write this blog.

“A lot of great stuff has been said about Steve since his passing, about how he shaped the 1980s, and it is very much deserved. I just wish a few more people had told that to him when he was around. He was a sensitive soul who needed that affirmation from people.” – Steve Norman

Amanda and I struggle to come up with regular content for this blog. I think much of it is that we’re trying to find our voice and make it different than what we do on Daily Duranie. At the crux of it all: we are fans. We may not be as big of fans for bands like Joy Division or Berlin, or even Soft Cell or Heaven 17 as we are of Duran Duran. New Wave as a whole (I don’t care if you call it Alternative, Synthpop, etc…) is the music we continue to pledge allegiance. It is the music that will continue to coerce me to get online and buy tickets to go see. It is the sound that will always come from my car stereo, and I suppose it is also part the reason why I find so much joy in the often-drudgerous life of being a stay-at-home mom. I write a blog about being a fan of music I adore. The music that has kept me going, keeps me breathing and reminds me that I am alive. No, Discord & Rhyme isn’t necessarily hugely popular at this point. Our page view count per day is rather depressing. I wouldn’t dare say we’re supported, but I believe 100% in our content. We are FANS and eventually that fact will get out there, and other fans will find us and join in. Fandom matters. We matter to many of the people who created the music we celebrate.

I wish that this blog had existed long enough for us to have shown Steve Strange how much his talent meant to us. If for no other reason – Discord & Rhyme will stick around so those words continue to get out to the people we love, adore and idolize.



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