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Continuing on with our “Best of 1983″ topic, on this date in 1983, Kajagoogoo hit #1 on the UK charts with “Too Shy”.

Interestingly enough for the Duranies amongst us, Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran produced “Too Shy” along with Colin Thurston, and the song reached #1 before any of Duran Duran’s singles made any such achievement.

Originally, Kajagoogoo’s name was known as Art Nouveau, and they were an avant-garde instrumental group. Along came a lead singer in 1982 we all know to be Limahl, (Christopher Hamill is his real name), and that, along with a name change, created Kajagoogoo.

Too Shy was the greatest of the band’s achievements, however, as not long after that single came well-documented tension in the band. From the fact that the band did not want to be known as teen-idols to letting Limahl go – regardless of the reasons – the band was destined to be a one-hit wonder with what Nick Beggs describes as a “just a reasonable pop tune”. (Mad World 144)

Kajagoogoo tried to reunite a few times, with one brief stint in 2008 proving to the band that not much changes after 30 years, especially if the original issues that split the band apart are never dealt with. Sound familiar???

Nick Beggs evenly describes why “Too Shy” still stands out as a New Wave memory for fans, “Too Shy has stood the yet of time for no other reason than, like perfume, music can transport us across the years to where we once stood.” (145)

Emotionally, that may be true, but musically I believe he sells the song far short due to his own twisted emotions. “Too Shy” has a great bass groove. Yes, the lyrics are slightly over done, “Hey girl, move a little closer…” but musically? The song works and THAT is why we remember it.



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  1. Their other songs are great too – well worth checking out if you don’t have them, including the Kajagoogoo singles after Limahl left and Limahl’s solo singles.

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