Vinyl Finds: The Police, Berlin, and Blondie

I have decided that I need to reward myself more.  How can I do this?  Simple.  I’m going to go out to places that sell vinyl, at least once a month, and do some shopping.  Some of this shopping might be to replace albums that I had once and now don’t, for whatever reason.  It might be to get albums I have in other forms (mp3, cd, cassette, etc) in vinyl or it might be to get albums that I never had the chance to get before.  Now, I’m pretty lucky in that there are a number of places that sell vinyl (both new and old) in my city so I figure I won’t have a problem finding something each month.  Then, of course, I’ll share my purchases here.  Here is what I found this week/month.

The Police’s Ghost in the Machine
Ghost in the Machine
This is one of those albums that I had at one time on cassette but never replaced when I got into cds or even when I entered the digital age.  I can’t say I was the world’s biggest Police fan but I liked many of their songs and I always admired the way they called it quits.  This album features many of those songs that everyone who grew up in the 1980s knew, including “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic”, “Spirits in the Material World” and “Invisible Sun”.  I look forward to getting reacquainted with this album!

Berlin’s Love Life
Love Life cover
Unlike the Police album, I did not have this album before.  While I knew a few tracks of theirs, I was never really familiar with their catalog.  Yet, I was reminded about Berlin this past year after reviewing the book Mad World, which had a chapter on Berlin.  (We reviewed the book, chapter-by-chapter, over on Daily Duranie.  If you want to read the section on Berlin, go here.)  I have listened to this album a couple of times since I purchased it earlier in the week and I’m really enjoying it.

The Best of Blondie
The Best of Blondie cover
Blondie is such a classic, right?  I never owned this album, either, but owned many of the individual tracks as so many were featured in mix tapes, or on compilations.  I have to admit to having mixed feelings about greatest hits albums.  On one hand, it seems lame.  Do you really just want the well-known songs, the hits?  I often like the hidden, unknown album tracks.  At the same time, how else can you get a bunch of known songs easily, without spending a ton of money and spending a ton of money on multiple albums.  Despite any reservations about greatest hits album, this one does have a lot of well-known Blondie songs, including “Call Me”, “Rapture”, “Heart of Glass”, “One Way or Another” and more.

What have you purchased lately?  I would love to know!


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  1. What a great way to reward yourself, and you are so lucky to have shops that still sell decent vinyl. I haven’t bought vinyl for a long time, I must admit, and our best record shop we had in the area closed last September with records being sold for as little as a £1. I hope you get to find some great gems out there.

    • It always makes me sad to hear of record stores closing. I’m all for the internet and whatnot but there is something special about going and buying albums in person. -A

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