What is Discord & Rhyme?

Since I’m seeing that this site is getting some traffic, I should explain who we are and what is Discord & Rhyme beyond, “We’re two fans that should know better than to start another blog”…although that part remains entirely true.

In order to go forward, I need to go back a bit.  Amanda and I met in 2004 at a Duran Duran fan convention and became good friends. Obviously we’re avid (rabid? intense? insane?) Duran Duran fans. We went to a few Duran Duran shows…even did a bit of our own touring (or following THEM on tour). She and I come from a similar liberal arts background (For our bachelor degrees, Amanda majored in Women’s Studies and I, American Studies.) and so we joked about writing a book. We really didn’t know what we’d write, only that we would tell the tale of what being fans of a band is really like. In about 2008, we finally agreed we’d just do it. We would start writing. And we did. We now have a finished manuscript that has evolved quite a bit from our initial “tell it like it is”. However, in addition to the manuscript, somewhere along the line I came up with the brainiac idea of starting our own blog. The idea was to force ourselves to write everyday…and since both of us had more than a passing interest in Duran Duran, we agreed to begin Daily Duranie. We write blogs there every day, sometimes one, sometimes a few, depending upon the day and the type of news that’s out there.

We’ve worked incredibly hard to make Daily Duranie a success. It wasn’t enough just to write blogs. We started noticing that in doing so, we were providing a link between the band and fans that wasn’t there prior – and even more importantly, we were connecting fans to one another. Being a fan, even a fan in our late 30’s and early 40’s was FUN. We wanted more of that! So, we began hosting meet-ups and pre/post show gatherings during the band’s last tour. This created even more of a synergy in the community, and we were positive that if the band would only take advantage and HARNESS that energy, that much could be done. We then decided to organize and host a fan convention, which was called Durandemonium, and took place in 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. Again we were able see the potential for great things if only the band would take advantage…and if this worked for Duran Duran, why couldn’t it work for other bands we grew up with that were still working and touring?

Out of that little nugget of thought came Discord & Rhyme – a blog/website/fan community that celebrates all of the bands of that era…and beyond. If our numbers (of fans) are great for ONE band, if we came together in a sort of celebration of ALL bands from that era and worked together rather than separately, maybe something really amazing could happen. Who knows?! The emphasis here is on community. Yes, everyone has their own personal favorite band and we might not always agree…there might even be discord among the masses. However, we are guessing that if you made your way here,  New Wave music appeals to you…and that maybe among all of that discord, we can find some harmony, or rhyme as fans of the genre. Discord & Rhyme.  We plan to include enough variety so that if one topic or band doesn’t grab you, another one will. We are also well aware that there are only two of us writing currently, and so we urge any potential writers out there – even if you just want to cover one band, to get in touch with us. We would love the help. Also, if you’re involved in a specific band’s fan community or have your own group of friends – please spread the word about the Discord & Rhyme!

PS – did you know that Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence is 25 years old today?!?



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